Lil Filmmakers Inc.’s mission is to train young underserved artists to use media and the arts as a tool to overcome societal and personal barriers and prepare them for career opportunities in the arts and media industry.



In our current digital age, the art of filmmaking has become widely accessible. Lil Filmmakers provides young leaders a focused shift from consuming technology to creating professionally produced short and feature-length narrative films that address their issues, concerns, and aspirations to ignite social change in their personal lives and larger communities.

What We Offer

Reading/Literacy Enrichment: Reading comprehension enhancement and creative writing skills through interactive literacy activities, screenplay writing, and story development.

Media & Performing Arts Training: Knowledge of how to properly use digital video technology and exercises in communication skills with public speaking, acting techniques, and marketing/community outreach.

Personal Development Opportunities: Improve the quality of life by offering youth art and technology-related job training skills for post-secondary or vocational education. With an emphasis on developing social skills such as leadership, responsibility, teamwork, and problem solving, students build self-esteem through the accomplishment of goal-oriented, collaborative projects.

Community Leadership: Students are encouraged to think critically about films, filmmaking and are challenged to examine the effect they want to have on an audience and their communities by producing films that are socially responsible as well as fun and entertaining. Being mindful of the communities they care about, students become advocates for positive social change by addressing concerns and proposing creative solutions.