What types of movies do students produce with Lil Filmmakers?

Lil Filmmakers produce family-friendly, narrative films across all film genres. Lil Filmmakers unique approach allows our students to stretch their imaginations with a focus on fictional tales that are socially conscious but also range from the magic of fantasy to action packed, character driven dramas.

 What happens to each film when they’re completed? 

Short films are publicly screened for a local audience for entertainment and educational purposes as well as celebrate the achievements of our students. Local media outlets are strongly encouraged to attend.

Feature length films get the Hollywood treatment beginning with a marketing campaign. We work hard at getting published features about the film in print, on the radio, television, and all online plat-forms including social media, podcasts, blogs, and news websites in search of youth-positive, media arts related content. A red carpet, premiere screening follows with a heavy presence of local and national industry insiders that gives students a chance to network in a professional setting.  Additionally, our films are marketed to school and youth education programs looking for programming that targets their desire to educate on the themes that are presented in our films.  An online store where all of our films will be available for purchase is in the works!

What are some additional resources for students involved in your programs? 

Lil Filmmakers offers additional resources for students interested in one-on-one mentoring, internship opportunities in business administration, marketing, and fundraising. With these options, students can learn from working artists and develop professional, career-driven skills that will enhance their resumes when they’re ready to enter the workforce.

What are the future goals for Lil Filmmakers? 

Increase Student Impact: We will continue to raise the creative and technical skills of each student that we train, ensure that 100% of our students transition into a post-secondary education, vocational, and/or professional work experience.

Expand Our Programming: We will offer more art related work readiness and college bound workshops that will address young people’s post high school needs. Our programs will connect students with professional artists and educators. Students will also network with other young artists. We will provide opportunities to gain work life experience and specific job industry skill sets.