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Erudition began pre-production in 2011.


We have a cast and crew of 25 young people from all over Philadelphia.


Production took 3 years. The teens writers completed  a 120 page screenplay. We spent 3 summers and many weekends filming.

We shot on location throughout the Philadelphia area.


Our cast and crew ages ranged from 7 to 17 years old. Everyone is striving to work professionally in the movie and entertainment industry.


During pre-production, Lil Filmmakers did a crowd funding campaign that raised over $15,000 to shoot the movie. We were able to cover the cost for production equipment and supplies, wardrobe, travel expenses, food etc. The filmmakers wrote small grants and was able to get monetary support from angel investors, business owners and individual donors. We also received in-kind donations in the form of services and supplies from fellow artists and community leaders.


Cast and Crew

Kenise as Leona


Aria as Madison


Tyiem as Max


Janae as Alex


Anissa Writer/Director


Yusef as Victor


Charles as Logan


Dahlia as Dr. Lazaar


Jakim as the Professor



Joi as Audrey


Jalen – Production Manager


Jhahane as Gabe

Behind the scenes