cloudDimension300Clouded Dimensions (2007) 12 minutes Sci-Fi

Dr. Cloud, an evil mad scientist, travels the galaxy looking for planets to destroy.  His next stop is Earth! Now its up to a groups of young science students to find a way to stop him and save their planet.






goldenDragonGolden Dragon (2008) 14 minutes Comedy

Someone steals the Golden Dragon, an ancient and magical statue from the Shi Huangdi Temple. Its mystical powers can be used for good or evil. Special agents must come together to find the statue before is falls into the wrong hands.





Formula_X-web300Formula X (2009) 34 minutes Horror
Directed by Kory Grant

Alchemz Corporation is in big trouble.  Once a thriving  and well respected company, Alchemz is now the most hated company in the world. Their employees hate them and their beauty products are turning their costumers ugly. Now, something is strange is happening to their board of directors. Something creepy…scary…




unwantedbehaviorposterUnwanted Behavior (2011) 60 minutes  
Directed by Anissa Cooper

The epidemic of bullying has violently struck at the Community Education Center Summer Camp. Andre is a kid who struggles with a troubled home life and the temptation of giving in to be somebody he isn’t. Meanwhile, his sister Destiny is dealing with the torture of what happens when you let just anybody in your circle of friends. Joseph, talented basketball player is hanging by a thread trying to please everyone drawing his attention away from his little brother, Martin, an outsider who is ready to explode with a secret that could cost someone their life.



Erudition (2015) In production

Directed by Anissa Cooper
Written by Jakim Lett and Anissa Cooper

A nation devastated by war elects a charismatic but emotionally disturbed president to help rebuild the country. But when their new leader bans books and dismantles the country’s educational system, its citizens quickly learn that without intellectual freedom they  have no freedom at all.


IMG_0106I Love Being Me (2013) 2 Minutes

Directed by Anissa Cooper

Through our She Shoots Movies program funded by the Valentine Foundation, we offer a group of girls the opportunity to learn, create and produce short films that celebrate the female voice.

3 girls. 1 voice. Speaking to all types of young girls around the world, self empowerment is the key to success and happiness. Love being you.