Lil Filmmakers offers Workshops, After School, Summer, and feature film project-based programs that provide youth hands-on exposure to the filmmaking process. Creative adjustments are made based on an assessment of the academic needs of each student in order to retain and enhance their comprehension. Additionally, our programs work towards transitioning students into becoming critically-minded, active artists.



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Our Workshops, summer and after school programs are created…

Feature Film Projects

Duration: From conception to completion of film

Description: High school-aged students work on one feature length film.

Feature Film Program Package – Our feature film productions are designed  to prepare students for the real-world film industry by producing a “Sundance-ready” film that is marketed for a global audience.

Our advanced students implement their training in film production and additionally receive skills in marketing, public relations, distribution packaging, how-to-budget, and financing.

Students receive headshots, movie posters, options to receive footage for a demo reel or resume, as well as treated to a red carpet film premiere where they will be ready to promote their film to media outlets.

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Duration: School Calender Year

Description: Students produce short films from different film genres.

After School Package – Monthly focus on each section of the curriculum. With more time for hands-on interaction, students achieve a level of independence with filmmaking. 

After School Program Partners: Penn Alexander Community School, CORA Beacon Community Center, Camden Neighborhood Renaissance, Belmont Elementary School, Philadelphia Housing Authority,  Free Library of Philadelphia and Catch Inc.




Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Description: Students spend an entire summer (June-August) producing one short film.

Summer Program Partners: Freedom School of Philadelphia, New Life Lutheran Church, Please Touch Museum Aces Program, Community Education Center, Free Library of Philadelphia, Congreso, CORA Services, Episcopal Community Services/Beacon Community Center, Huey Family Center

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Duration: 1-2 Hours

Description: General curriculum only. The purpose is for students to gain exposure to the filmmaking process.

Workshop Program Partners: Philadelphia Free Library