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Rainball by Jonah Rose

May 3

"This project came to be by a recent crossroad in my life not too long ago. Not

too long ago, I was tasked with working for my parents at a job that I genuinely did

not enjoy. Altough I eventually quit the job, for a while now, I felt more like just a

people pleaser, rather than just doing what I want to do. One night, I had a dream

about this exact scenario, although not in the same setting. It was a boy who

wanted to go down his own path, while his father wants to control his son's life to fit

his own narrative. This causes his son to find out what his Dad is interested in,

which is in Model Airplanes. This causes him to build a working, functional airplane,

to which he can show his Dad that his dreams won't get him hurt, and an attempt to

get on his Dad's good side for acceptance. After some careful consideration, it was

decided to make the story about colored balls socializing in a society with only

certain colors accepted, until a rainbow-colored ball comes in, and is seen as weird

and alien to the rest of the denizens of the world, and trying everything in it's power

to be accepted by them, only for it to be meaningless, and destroying his colors as

a result of it's insecurities of being accepted. This particular project's one purpose

is to Improve my storytelling abilities, as I feel that while my visuals and animation

aspect aren't typically an issue, my main issues as an animator, which is my

storytelling, as I feel it is a big challenge to come up with good stories to

compliment my animations. I am hoping this story will be enlightening on how to

make compelling narratives, as well as involving and interesting characters."

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