Thank you for visiting our website! We are a band of filmmakers, artists and writers in love with making movies. I started Lil Filmmakers  in 1999 to offer youth a place to learn about the craft of story telling through the medium of film. I believe art is essential to living a full and balanced life. Art gives us a voice, inspiration and power.  Here at Lil Filmmakers Inc. we are advocates for the creative, the nerdy, and the awesomely weird. 

Lil Filmmakers- Creative Leaders of Tomorrow


Founder/Executive Director



Lil Filmmakers Inc.’s latest film, Erudition is set to be released in 2017.

A nation devastated by war elects a charismatic but emotionally disturbed president to rebuild the country. But when their new leader bans books and dismantles the country’s educational system, its citizens quickly learn that without intellectual freedom they  have no freedom at all.