We are a collective of young artists dedicated to making movies and producing media content. Since 1999, Lil Filmmakers’ goal is to be a place to provide every resource necessary to create professional grade films. Today, we are a hub for the ambitious and socially aware who express their vision through film and media arts. Here at Lil Filmmakers Inc., we are advocates for the creative, the nerdy, and the awesomely weird.

Our Impact on Young Artists

85% of our career track artists continue their education after high school while 15% find jobs in the media and arts industry.
We have provided over 2,500 young people across Philadelphia access to media technology, workshops and professional artists mentors.
Lil Filmmakers are award winners, community leaders, entrepreneurs and peer mentors.

News & Events: April 2019

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“Creativity takes courage.” -Henri Matisse


Spring 2018 We produced a video for the young ladies from Girls Justice League that examines how the lack of reproductive health education in schools is putting young people at risk, especially young women.


Set to be released in 2019. A nation devastated by war elects a charismatic but emotionally disturbed president to rebuild the country. But when their new leader bans books and dismantles the country’s educational system, its citizens quickly learn that without intellectual freedom they  have no freedom at all.