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Lil Filmmakers featured in RoadTrip Nation

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Watch Janine's interview videos here.

A snippet of the feature:

Day to Day
My favorite part of my day is arriving at our studio space. I designed it to be warm and inviting. Our artists come to the studio to work on their video projects together. They're writers, actors, directors, cinematographers, musicians, animators, editors, etc. I check in with them about their scripts, production needs, budgets, etc. Then I meet with my staff to discuss program and project development. I troubleshoot any issues and plan for our social media, website, and newsletter updates.
Advice for Getting Started Here's the first step for high school students
If you want to be a filmmaker, college isn't necessary unless you want that experience. You can create your own educational experience if you're disciplined and dedicated to your craft. Study the greats. Watch a lot of films and TV shows. Read interviews with people in the industry. Research the history of the film industry and how it works. Get involved with film organizations that offer classes, workshops, or productions you can work on. Take classes, then work on as many projects as you can.

Read more here.

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